This section describes all of the settings that can be configured in the DataRobot configuration file. This file is by default looked for inside the user’s home directory at ~/.config/datarobot/drconfig.yaml, but the default location can be overridden by specifying an environment variable DATAROBOT_CONFIG_FILE, or within the code by setting the global client with dr.Client(config_path='/path/to/config.yaml').

Configurable Variables

These are the variables available for configuration for the DataRobot client:

This parameter is required. It is the URL of the DataRobot endpoint. For example, the default endpoint on the cloud installation of DataRobot is
This parameter is required. It is the token of your DataRobot account. This can be found in the user settings page of DataRobot
This parameter is optional. It specifies the number of seconds that the client should be willing to wait to establish a connection to the remote server. Users with poor connections may need to increase this value. By default DataRobot uses the value 6.05.
This parameter is optional. It controls the SSL certificate verification of the DataRobot client. DataRobot is built with the python requests library, and this variable is used as the verify parameter in that library. More information can be found in their documentation. The default value is true, which means that requests will use your computer’s set of trusted certificate chains by default.

This parameter is optional. It controls the number of retries to attempt for each connection. More information can be found in the requests documentation. By default, the client will attempt 10 retries (the default provided by Retry) with an exponential backoff between attempts. It will retry after connection errors, read errors, and 413, 429, and 503 HTTP responses, and will respect the Retry-After header, as in: Retry(backoff_factor=0.1, respect_retry_after_header=True) More granular control by be acquired by passing a Retry object from urllib3 into a direct instantiation of dr.Client.

import datarobot as dr
dr.Client(endpoint='', token='this-is-a-fake-token',
          max_retries=Retry(connect=3, read=3))

Proxy support

DataRobot API can work behind a non-transparent HTTP proxy server. Please set environment variable HTTP_PROXY containing proxy URL to route all the DataRobot traffic through that proxy server, e.g. HTTP_PROXY="http://my-proxy.local:3128" python