Missing Values Report API

class datarobot.models.missing_report.MissingValuesReport(missing_values_report)

Missing values report for model, contains list of reports per feature sorted by missing count in descending order.


Report per feature contains:

  • feature : feature name.
  • type : feature type – ‘Numeric’ or ‘Categorical’.
  • missing_count : missing values count in training data.
  • missing_percentage : missing values percentage in training data.
  • tasks : list of information per each task, which was applied to feature.

task information contains:

  • id : a number of task in the blueprint diagram.
  • name : task name.
  • descriptions : human readable aggregated information about how the task handles missing values. The following descriptions may be present: what value is imputed for missing values, whether the feature being missing is treated as a feature by the task, whether missing values are treated as infrequent values, whether infrequent values are treated as missing values, and whether missing values are ignored.
classmethod get(project_id, model_id)

Retrieve a missing report.


project_id : str

The project’s id.

model_id : str

The model’s id.



The queried missing report.